So What’s Hoboken SantaCon All About?

Hoboken is one of those cities where the nightlife culture isn’t given the credit it deserves! Sure, New York City is only across the river, but that doesn’t mean Hoboken’s bar scene isn’t up there with the best in the Northeast. The annual “SantaCon” Hoboken bar crawl is back in 2023, thanks to the team behind some of the country’s biggest events! is the largest producer of Santa-themed holiday events in the United States. Imagine tens of thousands of Santas running wild through Hoboken’s streets, with access to some of the city’s best pubs – that’s absolutely exactly what you’re getting with this fantastic event.

What should I expect from SantaCon?

What bars should I go to? Will I be able to schedule my day around a city route? What kinds of drink specials are available each year at SantaCon? The friendly event personnel stationed at the registration venue will be able to answer all of these questions and more. Wristbands and maps with the SantaCon logo will be distributed to all guests. The map will show all of the participating Santa-welcoming venues in town. The SantaCon bracelet informs them that you are a part of our event! Let the festive season begin with a bar crawl through the town!

Top Rated Events

Saturday 12/16/2023 10:00 am
Hoboken Santacon Crawl

Make a note of December 16th on your calendars! It’s time for our annual Hoboken Santacon Crawl! This is an authentic and one-of-a-kind way to enjoy the holidays and Christmas! Everyone dresses up in Santa Claus costumes or puts on a Santa hat! The residents of Hoboken are out and about for Santa con, bar hopping with their friends in the streets! Join the craziness in our Hoboken Santacon Crawl 2023, pick up your wristband and map at one of our registration locations, and start bar crawling!

Saturday 12/23/2023 4:00 pm
Hoboken Santa’s ElfCon Crawl

Come on down to Hoboken for this Elf themed Bar Crawl! If you thought you enjoyed Hoboken SantaCon, prepare yourself for an amazing time out in Hoboken bar crawling with Santas little helpers!